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The Ghost Of Mendenhall Plantation

Picture 17 (2)

Minerva the caretaker of Mendenhall Plantation


Recently while doing some research I came upon a fascinating story about a ghost that haunts Mendenhall Plantation historic site in Jamestown NC. Minerva Mendenhall is her name and the encounter with the ghost one visitor had  is captivating. The story goes that a visitor needed a guide to tour the old stable and barn area while visiting the plantation one day, and saw a women dressed like Minerva in the picture to the right heading that way. He naturally assumed it was someone who work there dressed in period costume and began to follow but stopped short when the figure walked through the door to the stable without opening it first. Other stories soon began to take shape and the Ghost of Mendenhall was born.

Minerva Mendenhall was the daughter of Richard Mendenhall born early 1800’s. She never married and ended up spending her life there at the plantation passing away sometime around 1900. Minerva led a full life and was very involved in the community becoming a valuable asset to Jamestown in many ways.

The Mendenhall Plantation is a great place to visit in Jamestown that is not widely advertised. Anyone planning to visit Jamestown should stop here first as most of the town history can be learned and one can get many ideas of what to do from the great people of the Historical Society who take care of this place and many others in Jamestown.

Mendenhall plantation is associated with the underground railroad and the picture of the wagon lower right is a false bottom wagon.

Other buildings include barns, an old school house, The Doctor’s House seen in the picture above lower right, several restored buildings in City Lake Park across the road that go along with the plantation and several out buildings… all filled with old memorabilia and stories alike.

In July every year the Plantation holds the Village Fair filled with crafts and food along with many other attractions. The kids enjoy hotdogs, making crafts, story telling and getting their picture taken with revolutionary soldiers. The buildings are open and tour guides offer a look into the past. When folks are finished they can head over to City Lake Park next door and ride the train with the kids or play miniature golf.

Should you visit be on the look out for Minerva. She might be ¬†making her rounds at the stable or in the house…you never know.