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City Lake Park Jamestown NC


City Lake Park

City Lake Park in Jamestown  is one of the most beautiful parks in NC.  Not only does it boast a small train for rides through the park, a large working merry go round and a putt putt course but folks can also rent canoes or fishing boats for a nice tour around the lake. The scenery is quite breathtaking, especially during the fall and spring when the large oak, poplar and other hardwoods put out a nice display of color. The lake meanders along toward the golf course in Jamestown and around the hiking trails in the north area of the park. These trails offer access to the main trail that extends from High Point to Greensboro NC.

The lake contains several fish varieties including bass, crappy, brim and perch. With its hidden coves and small islands, the lake makes for some of the best fishing around. Swimming is not allowed and if you bring your own boat the motor must be under 10 hp.

City Lake is one of the better lakes for canoeing or kayaking since large boats aren’t allowed and the abundant wildlife and scenery make for a great trip. The Mendenhall Plantation is part of this park which still has well preserved buildings on the park grounds.


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