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Do You Think About the Good Ole Days?


Baden Lake NC

What happened to the old days? You know, when you could leave your door unlocked or when sending mail didn’t refer to your computer or the internet. Where did all the goodness go? Neighbors were friendly because they were friendly and people had time to talk, really talk. It wasn’t through text messaging either. Folks called you back pretty quick and businesses worked hard to earn your respect. You didn’t get the run around with customer support either and most service techs called the US home. Textile mills flourished and blue collar workers enjoyed a secure lifestyle. Where did it all go? Illegal immigrants were illegal and folks who were born and raised legally in the US got respect and owned a sense of entitlement. Where has that gone? What happened to the good ole days when politicians were at least half in touch with what was going on in the nation? Where a sharp dressed guy, driving a fancy car, living in a big mansion and making six figures still had to prove his character to be liked by the general population. What happened to those days where honesty, integrity, morals and values were words used by most folks on a daily basis. Where going to church, being religious or godly was something you were doing or planned on doing someday, eventually.Where even a hardened bad guy feared God and most folks didn’t know who Steven Hawkins was let alone CERN or what a hadron collider was. The God particle would have been more akin to the God father than physics. What is happening to people? We spend money on keeping up our appearances, buying new cars, electronic gadgets, the latest high tech anything, updating our wall paper and light fixtures, buying closets full of cloths and shoes, getting high class degrees and eating out three times a week all in an attempt to subject anyone who does less to a different level of recognition and acceptance. All the while folks who are less fortunate struggle to buy food. These actions wouldn’t make sense to a 7 year old but they make a lot of sense to us adults. What happened to the days of not following the crowd, of thinking outside the box or being your own person? Where did they go? Now individualism is frowned upon. Following the crowd is a must because nobody can think outside the box long enough to go another direction. What’s wrong with our country? Where and how did we lose our perspective?

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