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The Doctors House Jamestown NC


The train whistle blew with a shrieking moan as the big boiler bellied up to the platform at Jamestown station beside the wide rail landing on Oakdale road. Passengers scurried along to board as if the gargantuan size of Old 14 Stack, the largest steam locomotive ever made, were nothing to take notice of. A hundred trains had come and gone in the last year and Old 14 was the last in a line of super locomotives built by the government in hopes of reaching farther faster with more. But folks were beginning to understand change in a time of super inventions and ideas that brought convenience. Nothing was lost to speculation or concern for that matter just that things were as they were. The ticket master gave the last call for boarding as the passengers settled into their seats. The engineer released pressure on the boiler. A large cloud of steam engulfed the station and Old 14 began pulling away as if in slow motion. Soon Jamestown would be far behind and the sound of fine china rattling for service would be heard in the dining car. Old 14 cranked up to high speed about 2 miles out and all that could be seen from the station was a distant roll of black smoke rising high against the blue sky.

-The Doctors house or The “Lindsay House” above was the site of North Carolina’s first medical school. It was operated by Doctor Lindsey from 1820 until 1830.


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