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Subjective Thinking Versus Objective


It’s amazing how subjective we tend to become when going through periods of stress. Take for instance our economic situation right now. Most folks are saving their money and not buying things because they are uncertain of the economic direction of our country. I see this as a very subjective move because people are looking at themselves and how they view themselves in light of the economy and their own financial situation, not an objective move like some might suggest.

The more subjective we become the harder it is for us to be objective when under pressure. So we rely on outside information as fact rather than doing any hard investigation, especially when it comes to subject areas we have very little experience in. Take for instance things like politics or economics that require lots of investigation, polling and data to arrive at conclusions. We tend to rely on the media to give us this information and we usually pick one or two sources that we are willing to trust.

The Internet has really changed our world when it comes to information gathering but the process is much like a two edge sword. While we may have access to tons of information much of that information may or may not be true. So it’s up to us as individuals to make that decision and again our subjective thinking influences the outcome greatly. It’s much easier to stick with one ideological group over another that retains much of our values thinking and beliefs and that’s what we do. It’s really just that simple. So when we turn on the news or open a browser to find some information on the Internet we have already decided what we will believe and what we will not and therefore will find things that bolster or uphold those thoughts.

This is how our thought process works with things that we do not have a lot of control over. The lack of control (perception only) makes the pressure unbearable and our subjective thinking tends to dominate. Objective thinking thrives in an altogether different environment but it is objective thinking that will get us out of danger into a more plausible answer faster and more efficiently. Objective thinking requires a lot of blind faith and most folks are not willing to take that step when it comes to money.

I think the idea that we create our own experiences is true. We set ourselves up for failure or success based on what we believe to be true regardless of what is real. So if we change the way we look at things the things we look at will change. The famous book who moved my cheese was a self-help book based on change. When we come to a wall in the maze its time to change rather than just sit and wait for something to happen. In other words when things are not working out it’s time to make a change. That’s a great story showing that humans are creatures of habit but the main points to remember are that change is inevitable and perception is the father of action. If we can keep our minds focused on the way we want things to be our actions would be incredibly different.


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