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Oakdale Cotton Mill Jamestown NC


Old Mill in Jamestown NC-1800's to present


This is a photo of the old Oakdale Cotton Mill in Jamestown NC (if you would like to use it please contact me first for permission) and was taken from behind the mill at the dam. The smoke stack rising in the distance is a land mark for the area. Oakdale Cotton Mill was in operation in some form or another from the mid 1800’s until about 2006 when it was closed. To the far right about 50 yards and out of the picture is another historic land mark, an old Pratt truss bridge which used to form the direction of Oakdale street many years ago. The road now exists about 150 yards north-east of this area. I have lots of other pictures and video of this area. If interested in viewing this media please feel free to contact me.

The following was taken from the Jamestown website, additional information on the Mill: the mill which began operation after the Civil War, is one of two National Register Historic Districts in Jamestown and is the oldest continuously operating cotton mill in the United States. On the property is the Oakdale School House, a one-room schoolhouse built in 1912 or 1913 by cotton mill officials.

The following link is a PDF about the history of this mill as recorded by the government in the 1970s and is an excellent read. The mill once supplied its own power and gave power to the surrounding comunity (1800’s).


The mill / building on that site , was also a gun factory before it produced cotton material. Guns were produced for the Confederate Army and following is a link about the history of the mill during this era. The article was produced by the Jamestown Newspaper.




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