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Failure: The Only Road To Success


The recent election caught many folks by surprise due to the fact that Conservatives felt the majority would rule in favor of Romney due to previous elections and the basic principals on how they run. In the past the majority has tended to lean toward a more moderate conservative view on popular issues with a fewer percent leaning toward a moderate liberal view, especially in light of a weak performing democratic president given current economic data. The radical progressive view has represented a lean toward a very radical stance in past elections. Not this time around. Americans proved quite the contrary, even considering sub par performance by Obama to bring parties together. The radical view is finding a voice in more and more circles of moderate liberal voters than ever before. This election is an historic election in that it demonstrates that 50% of the country is now standing for a different direction for the country in more radical terms than ever before.

The democrats picked up major support from minority voters including those under 30 years age which gave them a huge jump in votes and probably won them the election. But this only represents that America wants a new direction even if financial suicide must be endured. The younger voters tend to be more idealistic than realistic so its the idea of immigration reforms, a more liberal society where religious values are dropped and everyone can do as they feel led to act or behave, and health care and Wall Street are reformed that America voted for. With more younger voters turning out to vote this is most likely the decided direction of our country as baby boomers and x gens will fall to the way side becoming more like a minority. I think it’s historic and will represent a new mark to aim for when creating legislation. The wave of the future is here.

When I was in art class we used to draw pictures with an horizon line and point of reference or direction the viewer would be looking. That way we would simply lay down the ruler on the point and any line we would draw would point that direction. We would draw a city sky line with 3d buildings and you would feel as though you where looking at a real photo from that vantage point. The horizon point decided how everything else would be drawn. It was the only thing we had to really know to bring the picture together.

I feel that for now the country’s horizon point has changed and now all the old lines will be erased and new ones drawn to match the new point. We’ve made a jump over on the ever evolving line of constitutional perception and now all legislation and laws etc. will have to match up. The picture will look different and the conservatives will want to move the point back but that would be a hard felt endeavor at the least. As a country we have made an historic step forward, one that was coming for better or for worse. The best conservatives can do is to take what is now or will become and bring conservative reform to it.

What can we expect for the future? Change! Lots and lots of change but that’s just how life works. Change is not always for the better but it always serves a purpose that is never misplaced. The hope is not that we will always make the best decisions but that we will never lose the freedom or ability to improve. Some of the greatest successes in the world were the biggest failures. What made them different from ordinary folks? They weren’t afraid to fail. We must be able to fail well in order to succeed highly. Partisan lines are drawn everyday based on the fear of failure. If we could embrace it as a means to grow maybe we would find improvement and opportunity waiting around every corner.


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