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Pilot Mountain Ablaze


Pilot Mountain Ablaze

I took this photo just after election day on the way to my parents home in North Carolina. As I approached the mountain on Interstate 52 the smoke was thick and filled the low lying valley at the base. Later it was confirmed that about an hour or so earlier a controlled burn had jumped the containment line and was burning out of control. After arriving at my parents home about 8 miles away, I could see the smoke really thick and heavy rolling from the top. The mountain really started to burn and it was clearly visible at that distance. It wasn’t until the following week and several acres later that the fire was extinguished. Amazingly only thick underbrush burned and the trees were left unharmed for the most part. The Ranger stated that this Spring the park would look awesome with all the dead brush burned away. Wow! What a great attitude. That’s something to think about.


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