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The Story of Lydia’s Bridge


Lydias Bridge Jamestown NC

On certain foggy nights, where US 70 in North Carolina twists around a sweeping curve that passes by an old, overgrown underpass, drivers may see a young woman in a white evening dress standing by the side of the road, desperately trying to flag down a passing car. If anyone pulls over to help the young lady, she climbs into the back seat of the car and explains that her name is Lydia, and that she’s just been to a dance and now she’s trying to get home. She gives the driver an address not too far away, and he agrees to take her there.

When the car pulls in to the address that the young woman gave, the driver hops out to open the door for her — only to discover that she has vanished.

Perplexed, the driver goes to the door, where an old woman answers. He explains that he’s picked up a young lady named Lydia by the overpass who asked to be brought to this address, but she’s no longer in the car. He wonders what is happening, and he just wants to know if she’s safe and if everything is okay.

A pained smile of recognition passes over the old woman’s face, as she reaches for a picture in a silver frame sitting on a table by the door. It’s a photograph of the young woman the man drove to the house.

“Lydia was my daughter,” the old woman says, “She died in a car wreck by that overpass over 10 years ago.”

That’s why the overgrown underpass near Jamestown is called Lydia’s Bridge. Drive past it on a foggy rainy night and you may see Lydia, too.

So just what is the truth behind the story of Lydia? That we may never know but what we do know is that a Lydia did die in 1923 in High Point by car accident along US 70 as one Ghost Hunter and Author, Michael Renegar found recently in old archives.  But this Lydia was in her sixties.

So what about the bridge or culvert? Could it really be an old bridge from an ancient route for US 70? After investigating, a few things seem to suggest that this may have been a road. The insides are well made as if the intent was for folks to admire it and a large trail exists beside the track that could have turned under the tracks as an actual road long ago. Another strange road bed lies covered in leaves and under growth on the other side running off into the woods and disappearing in the darkness of the trees.

While many stories exist around this particular event and have existed even before cars were invented, Lydia’s bridge in Jamestown is the most famous and the one referenced in just about every book written about famous ghost stories. The old saying goes “where there’s smoke there’s fire” and in this case it just might be the golden truth. The real truth though might find it’s way into your life one day should you be traveling near Lydia’s bridge in Jamestown NC on a cold rainy night and encounter a woman in white trying to catch a ride home.

UPDATE:I found that some local old timers remember a fatal accident that occurred at the bridge involving a young lady back some sixty or more years ago. Michael Renegar, author of several books concerning ghosts and legends in North Carolina found that her name was not Lydia but Mary after interviewing someone living in the actual house that Lydia lived in from High Point North Carolina.The name “Mary” comes from a song by The Country Gentlemen called “Bringing Mary Home” written in 1967. The song refers to a vanishing hitch hiker named Mary who was killed at a bridge in a car wreck and the attempt to get her home.

UPDATE 2015:  I’ve spoken with some people who claim to have seen the apparition of a women in white at this bridge or know of someone who did. One witness is an acquaintance of my wife who stated he saw it (a young women) in the back seat of his car while passing under the bridge late one evening. He said it scared him to death. Some of the encounters are of an apparition on the road but many are of seeing someone in the back seat of the car.

UPDATE 2016: New  evidence has been uncovered showing a map for the old road including Lydia’s bridge, the real name of the hitch hiker ghost and the accident from 1920 on that road. It can be viewed at Camel City Spirit Seekers here:https://www.facebook.com/camelcityghosthunters   Monsters and Mysteries in America TV program produced an episode about Lydia’s Bridge from Jamestown NC in early 2015.



BRIDGE LOCATION: I40E to 311 High Point to exit 69 Greensboro rd go left back across the bridge continue through Jamestown past Jamestown UNM church…bridge Is just beyond the church. It’s an over pass for train tracks.The bridge in the story is off to the right side through the trees not the bridge you pass under. After you pass under the main bridge there is a power station on the right and then an apartment complex.


.Lydias Bridge



  1. donna johnson says:

    I’m from north carolina I heard of this story before but not find out to get there I drive a big truck my job has me traveling the highways the old saying is seeing is believing I will go check it out for my self I also believe in ghost and things that go bump in the night also go to a Web site look up Kathleen smiley also old haunted lincoln academy check it out for your self seeing is believing right thanks got to go by for now

    • It’s located just past GTC College on the Main Street . The bridge has been replaced so the story goes. After passing the college you’ll pass under a train bridge with graffiti . You can’t miss it. The original bridge is the under pass to the left below the power station ( before you get to the new bridge). I usually park at the apartment complex above the station and walk down. Thanks for the info I’ll check it out.

  2. If you go to oir Facebook page for or group, Camel City Spirit Seekers, you can see Annie’s death certificate, the articles, and pics from the bridge.. Also a map from 1920 that shows how the original road was, with new road and buildings overlaid in white.

  3. I thought I recognized you from your picture. Just watched Monsters and Mysteries episode and I do remember you.

    I find all this incredible. I went looking for a map of some sort for that road from that time period but never found one. When I went out to the old underpass it was made so well on the inside that I couldn’t bring myself to believe it was a simple culvert. Besides why put a culvert that close to a bridge when there exists one just a short distance above it….because it’s not a culvert they straighten d the road out and put in a new bridge. It was an underpass. Case closed.
    I’ll add your name in and a tag to your website for viewing the map….reference to your book. Thanks Michael. Look forward to your book.

  4. Bryan Lauer says:

    I have recorded voices of the Female who haunts Lydias Tunnel. Bryan Lauer, 919 744 5829, Real Time EVP

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