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Thinking Outside The Box


Not only are humans beings great problem solvers but we are also great problem creators. For every problem we are currently trying to solve, at some point, we had to decide what the problem was and that’s not easy. Not all problems that plague mankind are obvious. What’s interesting is that in the past 100 years most all of the problems we have encountered we have been able to tackle except for a few such as cancer, AIDS and some other types of problems such as world hunger that we do not tend to give much effort. We are not far from finding a cure for cancer and AIDS. World hunger we could solve in the next two years if we had enough people interested in solving it. Monetary gain is the biggest motivator but the idea is that we have the ability to solve the problems that we encounter whether it be immediately or in the future and we often hack at limbs rather than roots of problems because our perception of reality adapts to our growth or evolution.

Problem solving itself involves lots of work. Time, money and technology are some of the hurdles that stand in our way but for every attempt at problem solving that has succeeded there were a hundred that did not. The movement from problem to solution is a matter of how we look at the problem and how we perceive the solution. It is a process that changes constantly until the solution presents itself. The biggest hurdle in problem solving is perception. The group or individual that finds the answer is the one that makes the leap from an older ineffective way of thinking to a better more effective way of thinking about a problem.

Hard-core problem solvers are people who are capable of thinking outside of the box. The box equals old thoughts. Our internal guidance system is problem and solution based and our goal is a new box. When our old way of thinking is not working out our internal guidance system finds a problem so that we can begin the process of changing the old way of thinking. In the 17th century Galileo put forth his heliocentric theory or the idea that the earth and planets revolve around the sun. He was met with a ton of opposition and it wasn’t until much later that his idea was proven correct. Galileo was thinking outside the box and there were lots of other astronomers who stood by the old idea (the universe rotates around the earth) but there were a few like Galileo who got it right.

When we become oppositional minded to change we are missing out on the other half of the picture of our world. The problem is we live with lots of illusions around us that make it difficult to change. Illusions are things that seem different on the surface than what they truly are and can cost us lots of time and energy and keep us from our goals. Sunsets are beautiful and being able to remember a wonderful occurrence in your past is a great pleasure. These are the things that inspire us so that we can lead healthy happy lives and refuel our guidance system. Even the negative ones can refocus our aim in the proper direction but if we become too attached and involved we miss the opportunity to adapt. If we can see things the way they really are, a transformation takes place within us that makes us more real, naturally defined and goal directed.


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