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Spring Has Arrived in Jamestown NC

Full Moon

Full Moon

It was a warm April night and the moon set the mood for the next day. It was to be a glorious Spring day with fluffy white clouds, blue sky, sunshine, chirping birds and budding shrubs all around.

spring 2 2013

The clouds were magnificent and made a great backdrop for the trees and shrubs beginning to bloom.

Spring 3 2013

A hawk circled above but I could never catch him in my lens. He was much to fast

spring 6 2013

These are a collection of shots from my backyard which were plenty good enough to tell the story of spring. I didn’t need to go anywhere with an incredible view. Incredible was in the backyard.

Spring Time 1 2013

The clouds are so white and fluffy looks like a Winters day.

spring 4 2013

I wasn’t the only one enjoying the day. The wildlife was everywhere lost in activity oblivious to my existence except for a small finch who stop to check me out for a moment then flew off bickering with another one along side.

spring 5 2013

This was a great day that ended well. I do not posses the talent or money to create such beauty. Not many do. The earth seems to have an endless supply and it displays it when and where it wants to.


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