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21st Century Defines the Age of Polarization


In September of last year Christians were arrested in New Orleans for soliciting on Bourbon Street . An Evangelical Christian group happened to be preaching to those out and about on the street after 10 o’clock which was in violation of a 10 o’clock solicitation rule. An officer was overheard vowing to target churches next. A homosexual activist group sought the removal of Pastor Greg Laurie from the National Day of Prayer event scheduled in Washington DC in early May. Pastor Greg Laurie is an Evangelical Christian who believes that homosexuality is a sin. Earlier in April a military official added Evangelical Christians to a list beside KKK and other extremist groups. Also a prominent atheist group is asking the military to court martial military personnel who proselytize their Christian faith to other military personnel on base and in recent news an Air Force officer was asked to remove his bible from his desk.

In the US a prominent retired football player lost his chance to speak at a large Baptist church because he tweeted a heart felt praise to the recent NBA player who announced his homosexuality to the world. Meanwhile Obama slammed Pro-life supporters in a recent speech at a Planned Parenthood rally in which he stated that “Pro-lifers were destroying women’s rights and the nation.” Also a prominent atheist group has caused the state of Mississippi to remove the 10 Commandments from a school while a similar attempt with the Pennsylvania school systems failed.

The Pope stated on April 23rd during Mass homily that it was” impossible to find Jesus outside the (Roman Catholic) church.” After today’s Benghazi hearings, with the likes of Deputy Chief of Mission Greg Hick’s tearful testimony, and others, the possibility of even more division is growing. Not just between Republicans and Democrats but possibly between the Obama Administration and the public as a whole.

It seems as though unity and tolerance are on the way out and polarization is the new green so to speak. Whether it’s a homosexual activist group or an atheist group or even an Evangelical Christian group division is more prominent now than ever before and it’s not an obscure kind of thing, it’s very well defined. Even the political scene lately has been dirtier and more polarized than most politicians can remember.

America has always been defined by its periods of polarization such as during the Civil Rights Movement or Roe verses Wade, but never has it been as diverse and outspoken as it is now. At one time unity was an ideal that mainstream America tried to keep afloat. It is now a sunken ship that would take well-trained divers to find. Even the media is much more polarized, of course that’s no surprise.

Where is all this extremism taking us? Pro gun lobbyist are clutching their guns with the likes of Glen Beck preaching “America is going crazy” while donning a pressure cooker in hand. Anti gun lobbyist are using recent sad events as props to further their agenda while minimizing other areas of concern our nation needs to address. Meanwhile Obama spends more time playing golf or vacationing than he does working to solve our economic woes. You’re more likely to catch a glimpse of the president at an NBA game or hanging out at celebrity functions than you are if you were to visit the White House. The one saving grace for Obama is that he stated ” he was on a liberal agenda crusade” at the start of his second term. He’s not hiding anything but he’s not really doing anything either.

America has always been defined by its diversity and its unifying spirit of toleration. The latter part of the 20th century was marked by a rise in individualism and self reliance. As the 21st century passes through its first decade, the era of polarization is beginning to emerge. So where does this road lead? We’ve seen what it’s effect has had on other countries specifically the Middle East. Are we losing our ability to entertain the social grace to agree to disagree?


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